frequently asked questions
Here is list of answers of your questions, you will find solutions of issues, our products, and other questions here. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us by email using contact form (contact form is located at bottom of frequently asked questions section).

» WordPress version?
our theme files are tested on only latest version and not supported version 2.x or older.

» PHP version?
PHP version 5.x is recommended. most of theme files will works on 4.x, but some of them do not. if you are not sure which version you use, ask your network administrator.

» tested browser
we are creating themes on FireFox, and testing on Safari. also we are checking them on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (only IE9). however we only support latest version of each browser. btw, iPad is supported, too.

» language variation?
sorry, english only.

» zip? how to install?
you can install from administrator panel. below ‘install themes’, there’s small links ‘upload’.

» can i upload theme files to public network?
negative. you can use our product only for yourselves. those are not under gpl.

» network themes
if you are using WordPress’s network themes, theme which you install must be enabled before they will be available to each site.

» can i use theme for commercial purpose?
no, personal website only. if you want to use our theme for commercial purpose, please contact us. we have other plan for it.

» can i make modification?
yes, you can modify color, background images, borders, and any part of theme source file for your site.